"Life is too short to feel unfilled at work"

Coming from a Procurement and Consultancy background, I have made multiple career transitions myself

I’ve experienced the struggles associated with a career that is not fulfilling, even impacting your health and the other aspects of your life. 

I’ve made it my personal mission to empower 100,000+ individuals to build a career they are truly passionate about by 2035.

The reason why I've created Her Code Online School is the same as to why I decided to become a Career Coach more than 4 years ago now: I believe that life is too short to feel unfilled at work and anyone and everyone should live a happy and thriving life, both at home and at work!

Happy Clients


"Working with Anaïs has been absolutely great. She truly helped me shape the beginning of my career transition. I felt I was able to build robust foundations to initiate my career transition. I am very happy I invested myself in her program. I recommend her 100%."


"It helped me remember my abilities and potential, and gain an even bigger appreciation for my background and qualifications. It also helped me understand my career possibilities. Anaïs is very approachable and empathetic, I highly recommend her. Thanks Anaïs."


"I recommend Anaïs as a career coach. She helped me to clarify my ideas about my next career choice since I wanted to completely changed my professional path. She has a great method and tools for self-discovering, personal development and defining your new career by yourself."